I'm already overwhelmed! 

How Can AI Help My Business...

without my having to learn a buncha new stuff?


Totally get it! You already have 2,000 items on your things to do list. I'm trying out different AI applications to see what can work (and what doesn't - there's def some crap out there!) to improve productivity. Here are the ones with positive results. I tested out plenty that were poor quality. No need to mention those!



Business Headshots

Gone are the days of the professional photographers charging $350 to $1500 a session.

Upload 10-20 photos of your chest up and AI will design 100 to 200 photos of you wearing different outfits and poses. 

$17 to $45 for 100-200 Professional Headshots

Chat GPT Prompts

#1 Create a year's worth of blog post ideas
#2 Actually write that email sequence you've had on your things to do list for the past six months
#3 Outline a strategy of sending out engaging weekly emails to your subscribers that are not just "buy my stuff" emails
Yes, these can all be accomplished with the help of Chat GPT!
100 Chat GPT Prompts

Video Filming

Is there a video that you've been delaying filming because you're uncomfortable on camera? These AI-generated videos could be on your thank you page, sales page, or even your new YouTube channel. Upload your script and choose a character.

$5 to $293 a month
AI Talking Head Video

Chat Bot

You've seen the bubble pop up for customer service on other websites. Now that bubble includes an avatar that looks like a real person who speaks with inflection along with moving lips. Their responses are based on the FAQ you've pre-programmed.

AI Chat Bot

Add a Human Touch

If your content reads like it was entirely produced by AI (cut and paste from Chat GPT), it may affect how search engines rank it. Trying pasting your text into this tool to receive a score on how human vs AI-generated it actually appears.

$18 a month
AI Content Checker

Kajabi Creator Hub

Creator Hub (coming very soon) will allow you to upload videos then create snippets for social in 10sec (goodbye social managers). A transcript will be created for you (no need for Descript anymore) to edit for "um's" (look out video editors) and so much more.

Free Kajabi Trial

Chat GPT

No more writing blogs, YouTube scripts, or podcast outlines from scratch. Type in what you need and include the tone and any other special instructions. Stop procrastinating on designing email sequences as Chat GPT will write them for you.

AI Copywriter

Podcast Virtual Assistant

Paste your RSS feed URL or upload an audio or video file, then generate show notes, timestamps and newsletters for your podcast. You can also create 5 tweets about the episode's key points, get ideas for catchy titles, grab keywords, and pull quotes for social.

$12 to $24 a month
Podcast VA

Collaborate with Your Team

Similar to ChatGPT, Jasper AI has a chatbot, but also allows team members to work together on the same document then store in organized files. It also offers integrations with SEO tools and plagiarism checkers. 

Jasper AI
$39-$99 a month

Read a Script While Filming, but Maintain Eye Contact

😲 What?! Okay, I'm testing this one this week and will have a verdict, but apparently you're filming as a talking head while reading a script, but AI makes your eyes appear to looking into the camera and blinking like a normal human. I'm intrigued...

Video Eye Contact Correction

More AI Coming Soon


More AI Coming Soon


More AI Coming Soon


You can keep avoiding AI or you can use it to your advantage


More AI applications coming soon... 🤖









some of these are affiliate links!

More AI applications coming soon... 🤖