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Course Creators are expected to be brilliant graphic designers

We're supposed to create elegant thumbnails, interesting website photos, and engaging social media posts. What do you do if you don't have a graphic design background? 

Canva is an easy-to-use
graphic design platform.

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Branding & Marketing

Look professional and take control of your brand by creating a brand kit in Canva to include your signature logo, colors and fonts.

  • Create a custom logo
  • Design social media posts
  • Website stock photos
  • Graphs and charts
  • Video presentations

Social Media

Every post or story can be created in Canva, then uploaded into your feed.

  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Story
  • Instagram Story Highlight Cover
  • Facebook Post
  • Facebook Cover
  • Facebook Ad
  • Blog Banner
  • Blog Graphic
  • YouTube Thumbnail
  • YouTube Channel Art
  • Twitter Post
  • Pinterest Pin
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PDFs & More

Using your signature logo, colors and fonts, create client PDF lead magnets or course uploads.

  • Meal Prep Menus
  • Lead Magnet Mockups
  • Slide Show of Your Services
  • eBook Cover
  • Letterhead
  • Client Invoice

And so Much More!

Thousands of images and templates are available. Keep your brand consistent by storing colors, logos and fonts in your Brand Kit. 

  • T-shirt Design + on-demand printed tees
  • Labels + on-demand printed labels
  • Postcards + on-demand printed postcards
  • Greeting Card + on-demand printed greeting cards
  • Stickers + on-demand printed stickers
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