You're new to Kajabi

or perhaps you've had Kajabi for some time now...


You know it's a powerful platform.

You may be aware of some of the platform features, but you also know that...

...understanding Kajabi's features more in-depth will lead to an enhanced customer journey and most likely an increase in sales.


Missed sales opportunities are happening all around you right now.

You're new to Kajabi

or perhaps you've had Kajabi for some time now...


You know it's a powerful platform.

You may be aware of some of the platform features, but you also know that...

...understanding Kajabi's features more in-depth will lead to an enhanced customer journey and most likely an increase in sales.


Missed sales opportunities are happening all around you right now.




I'm asked this question at least weekly.

The answer is that it depends on what journey you want your customer to go on, from being aware that you exist to ultimately purchasing your program.


There's actually LOTS of Kajabi features that would likely lead to a better customer journey and an increase in sales. 

But the only way to understand how to implement all those hidden features into your business would be to map out your customer journey.

How are they traveling through your website now...and how would you prefer them to travel through your website? 


the Kajabi Mastery Program 

Learn all about Kajabi's hidden features and how to implement them into your business.


This program is more than 1:1 Zoom tutorials, it's a deeper understanding of how Kajabi can increase sales and enhance your customer's journey from being aware of your product to purchasing multiple products and services from you. 

  • It's more than "this is how to set up a course" but instead it's "this is how to get more students to finish your course".
  • It's more than "this is how to set up an event" but instead it's "this is how events can be used to provide urgency".
  • It's more than "this is how a thank you page works", but instead it's "this is how you can use a thank you page to increase sales" as a part of your customer's journey.


Everything in your business can be automated using Kajabi.

All you should be doing is marketing to bring leads to your website, answer customer service emails, and show up for your live sessions.


You could hire 3 assistants, purchase a costly CRM, and manually run your online program. Or, you can set up Kajabi to automate customer follow-ups when a purchase isn't made within 90 days of opting in. 

Are you currently using all of Kajabi's features to optimize your business?

  • Did you know that you can offer up to 10 upsells? Do you know about downsells?
  • Did you know that you can set up subscription offers to send automated emails that they're about to be billed again?
  • Do you know how to set up a quiz in Kajabi then send email sequences based on their answers?


There is so much cool stuff to learn.

Sure, you can email me every time you have an idea that needs implementing, but receiving 1:1 tutoring on all these features will SET OFF DOZENS OF LIGHTBULBS of new ideas for sales opportunities.

ūüė≤When you want to gain the full benefit of everything the robust Kajabi platform has to offer as it applies specifically to your online program, this is the answer you've been looking for.


Kajabi Mastery Outline


Mapping Your Customer's Journey

In this first session, we'll start by mapping out your customer's journey in its entirety. This will allow full visualization of what path and turns your customer has the opportunity to pursue. With this roadmap, we can then design the pages, automations, and other features needed to direct them down the desired path of success.


Kajabi Setup & Contacts

Sessions 2-9 will go deep into detail about each of Kajabi's robust features and exactly how to use each in your business planning, from new offer ideas to sales funnel mapping. This session covers how Kajabi can be used as your CRM, how tagging could be the secret to segmenting customers down a particular path based on their actions, and how engagement analytics can play a role in email marketing. 


Products Overview - Courses & Coaching

We'll design your value ladder so your customer has the opportunity to ascend from one product to another, receiving more and more value as they climb. You'll learn the ins and outs of encouraging students through your program all the while introducing this segment to products they'd likely be interested in purchasing next. We'll also cover the different ways visually your courses can be presented and dive deep into using Kajabi for coaching.

The Community Product

Depending on your level of understanding of the community feature, we'll cover either how to set up a community, or go more advanced in how to design a community full of engagement. We'll talk about using community as an accompaniment to your course or as a membership model for recurring income. Likely reasons your members would leave a community (and how to avoid that) will be covered as well as ideas for content to present inside the community. This could be a multi-session on its own!


Offers, Coupons & Checkout Pages

Each feature of setting up an offer in Kajabi will be covered, in particular how each could be applied to your offers. We'll talk about pop-up versus checkout pages, ways to present the terms and conditions of your program to potential buyers, and what exactly to include on the checkout page. How to use coupons to increase sales based on buyer behavior will be addressed. We'll also talk about what makes an irresistible offer, specifically analyzing if your offer is coming across as irresistible to your audience and how it could be improved.

Email Marketing & Email Templates

Sales funnels are basically a series of landing pages and email sequences. We'll set up the skeleton for your sales funnels based on the roadmap designed for your customer journey. If you're not already sending a weekly email, we'll set up a template for that message to go out regularly, starting this week. We'll run through every email segment possible inside Kajabi email marketing and brainstorm how we can use it in your marketing plan. Emails are going to be the cornerstone of what makes your business run on autopilot.

Events - Live Webinars & Workshops + Blogging

You'll learn how to make the most of using Events on autopilot as one (or more) of your sales funnels. If only live launching, you'll learn how to use Events to create urgency in your offers. As part of your value ladder, we'll consider adding workshops and talk about how that would fit into your marketing promotions calendar. You'll understand how to use a blog to grow your email list, increase SEO, and make more sales as well as tailoring the visual to fit your branding style.

Website, Landing Pages, Forms & Surveys

We'll not only cover designing elements on a landing pages, but also how using Canva and Widgets can add that something special to really make your website come to life. You'll learn how using automations for forms and surveys could become the main driver of your overall customer journey and sales funnels. High level conditional automations will be considered for use now or in the future.

Nav, Analytics, Affiliates, SEO, Upgrades

You're likely aware of how to design navigation for your header and footer, but have you thought about using custom navigation menus in other areas of your customer interface? Drop down or stacked menus are also an option to be explored. Next we'll dive into Kajabi analytics and the different areas where these are located. We'll check over all the Kajabi SEO areas to ensure you're enhancing your website to its fullest for search engines. Finally, we'll uncover all the upgrade features Kajabi has to offer so you can decide if it would be worthwhile to invest if it meant an increase in sales.

Redesigning Your Customer's Journey

By session 10, your customer journey design will have changed since learning all the features Kajabi has to offer and all the new business ideas you've come up with. We'll then redesign your customer's journey based on what features you'd like to add to your new website. This will allow full visualization of what path and turns your customer has the opportunity to pursue.

Wrapping it up:

Mapping Sales Funnels & Automations

Now that a new customer journey path has been created, we'll map out any new sales funnels and automations needed to help them move down the desired path of success.

Wrapping it up:

Implementing Your Customer's Journey

Finally, we'll implement and wrap up the new customer journey by designing any new sales funnels, pages and automations.



ūü™ĄDesign¬†a seamless and effective customer¬†roadmap with optimized¬†systems, efficiency and automations to manage a personalized and impactful journey for each customer.


How Optimized Do Want Your Business to Run...

Kajabi Hidden Features



  • Follow the topic schedule above or customize your own itinerary
  • 12 x 60 min Zoom sessions, scheduled at your convenience
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Kajabi Hidden Features
+ Implementation



  • Spend a full two sessions covering each topic
  • Use the 1st session of each topic to uncover hidden features and the 2nd for implementation
  • 24 x 60 min Zoom sessions, scheduled at your convenience
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Kajabi Platform Mastery



  • Spend a full month¬†immersed in each topic for max results
  • Receive in depth training¬†AND time to¬† implement together
  • One year from now, you'll have a whole new business model, optimized customer journey, & maximized revenue opportunities
  • 48 x 60 min Zoom sessions, scheduled at your convenience
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Each session is personally tailored for your current level of Kajabi understanding, whether you're new to the platform or have had it for years. 


By dedicating focused time to each topic, you'll gain a deeper understanding and uncover insights for more sales opportunities, a smoother customer journey, and ideas for new offers.


Soon, I'll be hiring YOU as my Kajabi expert ūüė≤

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