"This PDF for creating an online course is gold!!! I resonate with so much of what you outline here. I started teaching online for universities back in 2008; it's truly an art and your tips are phenomenal."     - Angie Gallagher



Templates 👉

If your sales page isn't converting viewers into purchasers at the rate you expected, you likely have a copy problem. 

Using this template, you're going to drop in your words to finally write a sales page that actually sells your product.

Sales Page Template with Copy Prompts $150






Best Books Ever 👉

Alex Hormozo $100M

$100M Offers: How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No

Holy smokes, this book will change your life. Alex Hormozi will outline step-by-step how to design an irresistible offer. Launch once, get those results, then read this book to find out how that offer could be improved in ways that will blow your mind!

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Traffic Secrets: Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites & Funnels with Dream Customers

You can't market until you know WHO you're marketing to! This manual with help you understand exactly who your dream customer is, help you discover where they are congregating, and guide you into designing hooks that will grab their attention and pull them into your funnel.

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Email Marketing That Doesn't Suck: Have Fun Writing Emails Subscribers Will Want to Read

Face it, writing emails is hard! Even with the help of chat GPT, it's difficult to design an email that reads like you're talking to a friend. You won't find email templates here, but instead a psychological way to approach email writing in a new way that captures your audience's attention.

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Launch: How to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dream

Jeff Walker's book was ahead of its time. He first put out this book (now updated) when selling on the internet wasn't really a thing. He'll outline step-by-step how to launch your product over and over while creating scarcity and urgency.

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It

Former hostage negotiator for the FBI, the amazing Chris Voss,  provides real world advice for negotiating in all aspects of life. What do you say when a customer asks for a discount? This book takes emotional intelligence and intuition to the next level in gaining competitive edge.

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable 

Legendary marketer Seth Godin shows you how to stand out from competitors  by creating truly remarkable products that are worth marketing in the first place. He really inspires a rethink into what your marketing is saying the product you have for sale. He believes we should stop focusing on products and services that already exist, but instead develop ideas in niche areas.

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant

You've heard the term "disrupting the market". Based on a study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than 100 years across 30 industries, the authors argue that lasting success comes not from battling competitors but from creating "blue oceans", or untapped new market spaces ripe for growth. 

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Alex Hormozo $100M

What books have you been reading that should be added to this list?

I'm always on the hunt for new business reads!

What should I pick up next? 

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Affiliates 👇👇

  • Protect your course materials, create group coaching terms and conditions, and more
  • Find out exactly which legal documents you need to get in place 
  • Create, customize, and edit custom contracts, agreements, disclaimers, disclosures, releases, and more 
  • Receive plain English explanations for each clause in every document you make so you can understand it
  • Get lawyer-approved answers to your legal questions 24/7/365 without having to pay hefty fees to a lawyer

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Legal Template Software

No need for plug-ins because Kajabi can be used for your:

  • Website pages, sales pages, check out pages
  • Email service provider
  • Payment integration with Stripe & PayPal
  • House your course, coaching program and community
  • Automate your entire business!
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Business Headshots

Gone are the days of the professional photographers charging $350 to $1500 a session.

Upload 10-20 photos of your chest up and AI will design 100 to 200 photos of you wearing different outfits and poses. 

Business AI Photoshoot (100+ Photos)

A Taco Walks into a Bar

As a former personal chef, did you know I have a cookbook on Amazon?

Don't click unless you LOVE tacos and margaritas!

I 😍 Tacos & Margs!



eBooks 👉

Membership Packet


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Lead Generating Website

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Work with Virginia 👉

Virginia, Your Personal Kajabi Tech Support

$200.00 USD every month
Website Audit

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Products You Need! 👉

Alex Hormozo $100M

Movable Dry Erase Board

Gather your ideas in one place by designing your entire business visually, then use the other side as a backdrop during your instructional webinars. Erase and start again.

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Client Thank You Cards

With high ticket offers, it's wonderful to request client mailing addresses so you can sent them a personal thank you note. Show your clients they're as special as you know they are.

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Full Focus Goal Planner

If you've read any of Michael Hyatt's books, you know about habit stacking and living your best year ever. This is THE goal setting planner for high achievers. Included are weekly and quarterly review templates, daily task lists, and generally connecting to do's with big-picture ambitions.

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Monitor Memo Board

Keep your desk clutter free while still reminding yourself of this afternoon's meeting. The durable acrylic boards have 3M tape to secure to your monitor while also being easy to remove without leaving residual tape marks. If you're a sticky note writer, this is for you!

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Alex Hormozo $100M

Adjustable Leather Chair

When sitting at a desk 4+ hours a day, it is a MUST to use an ergonomic chair that fits your body and doesn't allow you to slump. Do you ever find yourself leaning forward when working on a document? The right chair will remind you of the good posture that's necessary for a full work day.

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