Kajabi Hidden Features

12-Session Coaching Package

When you want to gain the full benefit of everything the robust Kajabi platform has to offer as it applies specifically to your online program, this is the answer you've been looking for.

In the first session, we'll start by mapping out your customer's journey in its entirety. Sessions 2-9 will go deep into detail about each of Kajabi's robust features and exactly how to use each in your business planning, from new offer ideas to sales funnel mapping. 

By session 10, your customer journey design will have changed since learning all the features Kajabi has to offer and all the new business ideas you've come up with. We'll then redesign your customer's journey and in session 11, map out any new sales funnels and automations needed to make it all happen.

In session 12, we'll set up those funnels and automations.

Coaching Package: 12 sessions of 60min Zooms

  • Session 1: Mapping Your Customer's Journey
  • Session 2: Kajabi Setup & Contacts
  • Session 3: Products Overview - Courses & Coaching 
  • Session 4: The Community Product
  • Session 5: Offers, Coupons & Checkout Pages
  • Session 6: Email Marketing & Email Templates
  • Session 7: Events - Live Webinars & Workshops + Blogging
  • Session 8: Website & Landing Pages, Forms & Surveys
  • Session 9: Navigation, Analytics, Affiliates, SEO, Upgrades
  • Session 10: Redesigning Your Customer Journey
  • Session 11: Mapping Your Sales Funnels & Automations
  • Session 12: Implementing Your Customer's Journey

Scheduling Details:

  • Following payment, you'll be taken to your coaching program to schedule your first session.
  • Unused sessions expire 365 days from date of purchase. There are no refunds for unused sessions. 
  • Sessions are 60 minutes long. Yes, you can choose a 120-min Zoom in lieu of 2 x 60 min Zooms. No, you cannot exchange a 60-min Zoom into 2 x 30 min Zooms.
  • Zooms cannot be exchanged for website work.
  • There are no "extra minutes" at the end of a session. If you choose to end a session early for whatever reason, your session is considered complete.

Cancellation Policy:

  • What if I am late or accidentally don't show up for a scheduled session because I had the wrong time in my calendar? 
  • I'll wait up to 15 minutes into a session then will assume you have forfeited the entire hour unless you've notified me at least TWO HOURS in advance of our session.
  • To be clear, emailing me 20 minutes into the session saying "I'm here now" is still considered a no-show.
  • By purchasing this offer, you agree that you will notify me at least 2 hours in advance that if you'll be running more than 15 minutes late or need to cancel. If this condition is not met, you agree that this session will be forfeited.

$2,000.00 USD

Yes, I'd like my partner/assistant to be a part of this coaching program. They will be attending all or some of the sessions.

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