Product Launch Formula

This is the step-by-step of LAUNCHING
a new program 
using the 

Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula


Treat Your Launch Like a Hollywood Movie Release!

Hollywood creates a buzz around the release of a brand new movie:

  • A trailer comes out six months before the movie
  • Next, ads are all over the place as the runway to launch begins
  • The actors promote on talk shows to hype the movie
  • Meanwhile, there are social media campaigns as the movie trailer is released

That’s exactly what what you’re going to do with your program or coaching product. 

Jeff Walker Style: 

The essence of Product Launch Formula is to give first and ask for the sale later. The goal is to build a relationship as a trusted advisor and prove your authority on the subject prior to introducing the product. 

In the Pre-Launch, three pieces of content over several days are released, often three videos, but could also be three PDFs or three audio files.

The content in each of these three pieces is compelling, valuable, and naturally leads into the introduction and sale of your product. The goal of this content is to build anticipation for your product.

Following release of your three pieces of content, the actual Launch occurs at which time the product is finally made available for sale. 

Day 1 of the launch is Cart Open, at which time the audience is led to the sales page (or Hollywood ticket box office). The product is made available for sale for a limited time period only.

Once the product is no longer available, it is Close Cart, though products are often launched every six months or just once a year.

What's Included:

  • 31-page PDF
  • The Five Parts of the Launch (note: Step 5 is available as a separate PDF download not a part of this offer) 
  • Where to find an audience for your "movie trailer"
  • Designing an opt-in
  • Pre-launch content messaging how-to
  • Precisely what to include in each of the three pieces of content
  • Pre-launch calendar
  • What to include on the sales page
  • Launch calendar
  • What to include in the cart open email sequence
  • How to create scarcity
  • Understanding why they didn't buy
  • Thorough checklist to launch


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  • There are no refunds for digital downloads

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