Kajabi High Converting
Sales Page Template

with Prompts for Writing Copy

so you can convert website visitors into customers, 
sell more, and help more people,
...even if you're not a "natural born" copywriter


Sales Page Template 

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Your Sales Page isn't Converting As You Expected ....


If your sales page isn't converting viewers into purchasers at the rate you expected, you likely have a copy problem. Copy is the text on a sales page that compels a visitor to purchase your product.


Using the template, you're going to drop in your words
to finally write a sales page 
that actually sells your product.



"Why is my product not selling?"


Kajabi sales page template

You've spent months creating your product, recording, writing, uploading, and designing.


When you go to launch...  Crickets! 

You might blame your pricing,
so discount your product to a price much lower than you feel is reasonable,
possibly to a point you feel resentment when a purchase finally does happen.
You might blame your Facebook ads,
so redesign the ads which brings more traffic...but not necessarily more sales.
Finally, you begin to think it's your product. 
You may be considering scrapping the whole project and creating a whole new product.

Instead of recreating your entire business,
what if you focused on your sales page instead?...

When a product isn't selling and you know it's a great product
(I mean, who wouldn't see the value in what you're offering?!),
then it's likely the copy on your sales page.


Copy refers to the words on the sales page that compel a reader to purchase your product.
If your sales page isn't compelling, neither are your sales!




Once you've learned
how to create copy for a sales page,


...it will become blatantly obvious why sales are not happening
even though your analytics are showing hundreds of page views per day!


"But I never read those long sales pages!"

There are different buying personalities checking out your offer.

Some prefer short and to the point
while others want to read every detail possible prior to making a decision. 


Assuming others make buying decisions exactly like you could be leaving money on the table.


Just like there are different learning styles, we all vary in buying styles.


Short sales pages are for lower priced products when you
don’t need a ton of copy to show the value of your $49 offer.


"What exactly does a
long sales page do
that a short one does not?"

Let's face it. Your audience does not want to be offered yet another online program. What they do want is the answer to their problem of which your program is the solution. 


The long form sales page introduces their problem in a way that compels the reader to WANT to take action.


Currently they're sitting at point A. Though they want to get to point B (the transformation that your program offers), perhaps  the thought of staying in their comfort zone is just that, comfortable. Why should they change?


If you want them to actually take action right now,
you have to explain how getting out their
comfort zone and getting into action making that change is easier than they may believe.


You can't do that with a short sales page that only
outlines the contents of your course.
You must show the value taking action.


The long form sales page breaks through all their "yeah, but..." excuses for not taking action right NOW.



Kajabi sales page template

"How is this
Kajabi sales page template different from others I've seen out there?"

Check out this 1-minute video 👉


Kajabi sales page template

"But I'm not a good writer!"


You may have considered hiring a copywriter to create your sales page, but $$$$$!


Just Googling shows copywriters starting at $1500 a page on the low end and up to $15,000 on the high end...and you know that going into Upwork and hiring a $20 an hour copywriter is not going to help!


What if you were reminded that YOU know your audience better than anyone...

YOU know what your audience's pain points and frustrations are.
YOU know why they haven't yet solved their problem.
YOU know that you have the solution (your product) to their problem.


In summary, YOU are the best person to write copy for your sales page.
And I'm going make it super simple for you by providing writing prompts.


a Sales Page Template with Writing Prompts

By following the writing prompts, your sales page
is going to be more relatable to the reader
and move them closer to the purchase of your product


...the whole goal of a sales page!


Yes, I NEED This!
Kajabi sales page template

Since 2019, I have worked with hundreds of  course creators and coaches helping them
improve their Kajabi® websites.



What I see is that what they need the most help with is SALES PAGE COPY!


Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi Tutor at Digital Course Freelancer
I've seen so many cringe-worthy sales page
with mistakes like these:
  • Including social links on the sales page 
  • Starting off the sales page with a bio 
  • Offering a freebie next to the buy now button
  • Focusing on price instead of value
  • Only one call to action button
  • ...and the most common one...sharing features of a course...
    without any mention of benefits, argh


Kajabi sales page template


Sales pages follow a particular order for a reason. The sales page is supposed to be telling a story, therefore should follow a particular format.

Visitors landing on your sales page want to learn about the transformation you're going to be giving them through your course or coaching. Therefore, the sales page should be heavy on describing what you're going to be doing to bring them from point A to point B. 



It's time to learn how to write a sales page that does just that.

How Much is this Going to Cost Me?

Someday you WILL be able to afford a $5,000 professional copywriter to craft a sales page for you.
At this point in your online business, however, a more affordable approach is required.

And that's exactly how this template is priced...

Long Form
Kajabi Sales Page Template

$99 DIY

  • Long form sales page template explaining what copy to include in every section that will help move your customer closer to purchase
  • Video instructional on how to add the template to your website
  • Second Video instructional on how to edit the template copy and blocks as well as adding your logo and brand colors
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Want Me to Do it For You?

$100 / Hour

  • First, purchase the sales page template and I'll upload it to your site for you
  • Using prompts within the template, you'll add copy to the sales page, the words that move the buyer closer to a sale
  • You'll then purchase time by the hour and I'll come in and design the page, adding images as needed and making suggestions about your copy
  • How much time do I need to purchase? I cannot provide an estimate on a sales page without seeing the length of your copy. Most sales pages take about 4 hours for back and forth edits.
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Frequently Asked Questions

People do not buy things for what they are;
they buy things for what they do.

– Dan Kennedy


...so make your sales page show WHAT your product can do,
not WHAT your product is!