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Hire Virginia

Yes, I'm at my desk full-time Mon thru Fri as your Kajabi helper so am usually available same day or next day to take care of what you need completed!

Kajabi "Do It for Me"
$100 / hour

Hire By the Hour

When you just need to "get it done," I'll step in and save the day. 
Hire by the hour when you have small (or big) fixes such as:

  • fixing your DIY web design 
  • designing student interface for course, membership or coaching program
  • setting up or auditing funnels
  • turning your live course into an evergreen funnel
  • setting up a Community
  • ...or whatever else you need to improve your website and best use the Kajabi platform
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Kajabi Tutor via Zoom
$75 / hour

Free Consult 

Yes, a 15-minute free consult is available to see if we're a good fit or discuss if Kajabi is a good fit for your business.

"Virginia, an absolute genius with Kajabi not only answered all my questions but actually taught me how to use the platform. She allowed me to video our sessions so I could type out the notes for myself afterwards. She is a great teacher and I would not have learned all these things if not for her patience and understanding. I am most grateful."  - Musician Bill Schneider

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Sales Page Template

This is a long form sales page template explaining what copy to include in every section that will help move your customer closer to purchase.

You must understand that your audience is not purchasing a course from you...they're looking for a transformation. They are looking to purchase a shortcut to move them from point A to point B. Therefore, you are selling a transformation, not a course or coaching product.

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Kajabi Website Audit

You watched all the how-to Kajabi videos possible and have gone as far as you can in building your site, without being an actual web designer. 

You're now ready for a second opinion on what could be improved for the user experience and if your automations could be streamlined. 

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Kajabi Assistant

Email Help

For your ongoing Kajabi questions: 

  • How do I do this?
  • Is this hooked up correctly?
  • When you just don't have time to sit on hold with Kajabi support...

...I can help. I'll be there for you to answer your ongoing Kajabi "how do I do this" questions and perform small fixes. 

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Pricing Online Courses & Coaching Services 

“Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get." - Warren Buffett

26-page PDF includes:

  • Pricing 101: Perceived Value and Cost vs Value
  • Understanding Profitability
  • Personal & Business Budgeting
  • Pricing Coaching: Group vs One-on-One + Coaching Packages
  • Pricing Public Speaking
  • Pricing Online Courses Based on Ad Costs 
  • Pricing Online Courses Based on the Promise of Transformation
  • Pricing Anchoring
  • BONUS: 23 Ways to Make Money with What You Know
  • BONUS: The 5 Types of Offers You Can Create for Your Clients
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Creating a Compelling Online Course 

You're going to learn how to design an online program to fully engage your students and bring them to the success they deserve.

12-page PDF includes:

  • Five Parts of Online Course Creation
  • Becoming a Thought Leader
  • The Customer Journey
  • Avoiding Student Overwhelm 
  • Naming the Program
  • Making Your Program Extraordinary
  • BONUS: Email Onboarding Sequence
  • BONUS: The 4 Learning Styles
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Product Launch Formula 

Jeff Walker's Launch Formula 

Treat Your Launch Like a Hollywood Movie Release!

Hollywood creates a buzz around the release of a brand new movie:

  • A trailer comes out six months before the movie
  • Next, ads are all over the place as the runway to launch begins
  • The actors promote on talk shows to hype the movie
  • Meanwhile, there are social media campaigns as the movie trailer is released

That’s exactly what what you’re going to do with your new program or product. 

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Launch Debrief  

Tracking Metrics &
Generally Making More Money

  • 16-page PDF showing you how to improve launch over launch
  • Includes full launch debrief description and sample
  • Provides numerous specific ways to improve the next launch - more leads, more sales, more income
  • Shows how to scale using metrics
  • Discusses causes of a failed launch
  • BONUS: 23 Ways to Make Money with What You Know
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Business Plan 

Customize your plan using prompts

  • 19-page PDF so that you know where you’re going and what you need to do next
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Designing a Lead Generating Website 

Craft a unique website that fits your personality and niche. This website is your 24-hour sales mechanism to attract new leads that eventually become paying clients.

36-page PDF includes: 

  • Website vs. Social Media Platform 
  • Choosing a Good Domain Name
  • Designing a Website & Writing Copy 
  • What to Include on Each Web Page including Layout - Home, About, Contact, Services 
  • Where to Find Stock Photos
  • Putting the You in Your Website 
  • Discussion on Transparency in Pricing 
  • Social Proof 
  • Opt-in How-to
  • Lead Magnet How-to  & Troubleshooting
  • Lead Magnet Ideas 
  • Lead Magnet Flowchart 
  • Legal Templates 
  • BONUS: Four Pages on SEO Basic & Advanced
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Free Kajabi Assistance

Kajabi Demo 

Yes, Kajabi can do all this:

  • Replace your website with all the pages... Home, About, Services, Blog, Sales Page, etc.
  • Act as your customer relationship management system to collect notes about clients
  • Collect payment using all major credit cards and PayPal
  • House your online course, coaching program, or membership
  • Be your email marketing platform with automations and tagging
  • Not only show off your podcast or blog, but also house a private paid podcast offer
  • ...And the best part, Kajabi can completely automate your course, membership, or coaching program
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Free Consult

Yes, a 15-minute free consult is available to see if we're a good fit or discuss if Kajabi is a good fit for your business.


"Virginia was like an answer to a prayer. After dealing with finicky freelancers who seemed to be gone with the wind, she has been a breath of fresh air." -Cheri Ruskus of Business Victories

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Legal Templates

Get a Free Privacy Policy

It's the Law! One of the biggest mistakes I see when visiting a new client's website is that they're missing the Privacy Policy.

It's legally mandatory when collecting names and emails on your website that you have a privacy policy in the footer.

Step 1: Create a new page on your website then cut and paste the free template below to it.

Step 2: Add this new page to your navigation menu's footer.

Yay, now you're compliant!

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Learn the Stages of the Online Course Creator

How do you bring traffic
to your lead magnet?

  • Paid ads: Google, Facebook, YouTube; could be as little as $5 a day with a link to a page describing your lead magnet
  • Organic: social media posts and videos including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok that talk about or link back to your lead magnet
  • Borrowed: being a guest on podcasts, guest blogging, speaking on stage, or YouTube collaborations in which you explain the transformation your lead magnet (not your paid program) provides and entices the audience to feel they "need" to have it
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Website Stock Photos

Design a Logo & Other Branding

Canva is a free graphic design platform that's great for adding stock photos to your website, designing a logo, printing business cards, and/or planning out social media posts. Yes, you can even create a YouTube header, podcast cover, and thumbnails for everything.

Yep, you can edit photos without editing knowledge or experience.

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Kajabi Tips & Course Creator How-to's

  • The seven steps of a conversion email marketing sequence
  • What to include in the email with freebie download
  • Increase income with upsells
  • 5+ places to offer your lead magnet on a website
  • Kajabi automations
  • checklist to building an online business
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