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"Are you REALLY a Kajabi Expert?"

YES! I am of the select few invitation-only Preferred Providers with Kajabi LLC and am available on the platform as an expert for hire. Not only that, but Kajabi is the ONLY PLATFORM I'm an expert in. I'm not a generalist for seven platforms, just this one.


"Are you REALLY a Kajabi Expert?"

YES! I am of the select few invitation-only Preferred Providers with Kajabi LLC and am available on the platform as an expert for hire. Not only that, but Kajabi is the ONLY PLATFORM I'm an expert in. I'm not a generalist for seven platforms, just this one.
"Virginia is extremely knowledgeable with Kajabi. She helped me figure out a number of things that would have taken me a lot more hours on my own. She has a calm demeanor which I appreciate because I tend to get crazed with technology! Highly recommend." - Jennifer Cavallaro of Upward Spiral Fitness

"Virginia is BEYOND incredible! She offered value 10X the price I paid. HIRE her!"
- Rob Murgatroyd of Work Hard Play Hard

"I was so nervous to use a VA but Virginia changed that for me! I will be working with her over and over! Excellent service, communication and highly recommended!" - Amy Lee Kimbrell of Amy Lee Hair Artist

My Core Business Values:

  • Good communication is key.¬†Good communication is important to me. I will always get back to you in a timely manner and would never ever "ghost" you or make a promise I cannot keep.
  • I want the best success possible for my clients.¬†I'll always be on the lookout for your students/clients' best interest when reviewing your website. Your customer journey is key to sales. Your success is my success!
  • If I don't know the answer, I'm going to do my best to find it for you.¬†I'm going to share outright if I don't know the answer to your question. Honesty and integrity are important personal values I hold.
I learned digital marketing from some of the best in business and have taken courses from many experts including...
  • Amy Porterfield (digital courses and list building)
  • James Wedmore (launching and messaging)
  • Stu McLaren (memberships)
  • Brandon Lucero (messaging)
  • Bobby Klinck (online marketing basics)
  • Kat Coroy (Instagram expert)
  • Jenna Kutcher (Pinterest expert)
  • and if you're a LinkedIn Expert, I'm definitely following everything you're doing...
Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

Virginia Stockwell


Originally from southern California,
recently moved to Austin, Texas April 2023.


I'm a Kajabi expert helping coaches & consultants DIY their websites, marketing, and business systems. 

"I cannot recommend Virginia highly enough...


1. She took an outdated website and created a new website for me with the most relevant parts of my content - enhanced it to look updated and relevant and did this all at a price that was better than I could have hoped for.

2. She created a digital course for me - taking 20 years of my experience and helping me to organize it and format it and get it up and running - from the modules to the emails to the sales pages - she walked me through every step and her turn around time was incredibly fast!

3. She acted as a business coach, giving me guidance along the way. She went above and beyond what I even expected in terms of providing knowledge and guidance and expertise. She saved me probably thousands of dollars and also kept me focused an on the right track.

Virginia is really a one stop shop! I had looked at many courses and coaches and the prices were too high and I didn't know what direction to go in. Virginia single handedly helped me to launch this new business. And she even gave me pep talks and sanity checks along the way. I do not think this project would have come to fruition without her. I highly recommend her!!" 

 - Elizabeth DeRobertis of the GPS Weight Loss Program

Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

I started off just like you...

I had a service-based business for years, then one day realized I could help so many more people if I created an online course.

With sixteen client families, I had been a personal chef cooking inside their homes until COVID hit.

Coincidentally, just six months before COVID, I had begun creating an online course teaching others how to start their own personal chef business. 

Yes, this website is built on Kajabi® as well as my online course How to Become a Personal Chef >> 

I've since mastered the Kajabi platform and my digital course mostly runs itself.

Now, I can spend my time assisting other course creators and coaches in bringing their products and services to more people by taking their business online.

I've helped HUNDREDS of clients from one-on-one share screen tutorials to designing their Kajabi websites from scratch with all kinds of small fixes in between.

Best Wishes, Virginia Stockwell

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Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor
Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

I've helped yoga instructors, attorneys, spiritual coaches, physicians, project management consultants, relationship counselors, breathwork masters, nurses, solar consultants, NLP practitioners, golfers, baby sign language coaches, diversity trainers, motivational speakers, athletic coaches, fantasy footballers, Realtors, authors, speech therapists, dancers, nutritionists, dog trainers, life coaches, emotional literacy trainers, beauty business coaches, acting coaches, grief counselors, quilters, pre-school teachers, hairdressers, human resource professionals, chiropractors, voice coaches, and other occupations move from an in-person business to a digital course or online coaching product.


I look forward to helping you as well.

Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor
Digital Course Freelancer, Kajabi tutor


Which of the following do you need help with?

  • "I'm trying to DIY my Kajabi website but am getting frustrated with the amount of time I'm wasting trying to learn the platform. If only somebody would screen share and show me quickly how to do things I want done."
  • "I have my website mostly set up and only need help with small fixes as I progress in building the site myself. I'll message when I need you."
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