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You have $1M trapped inside your head...

Everyone is an expert at something.

Step #1 Dial in what that niche is, who it is that wants to learn from you, and finally what platforms to reach them.
Step #2 Design a marketing strategy to reach that target audience and find out what they want and how they want it.
Step #3 Build a course, group coaching, or mentorship program based on what your audience is telling you they want.

Affiliates Selling Your Program For You

Kajabi Affiliate Program

Affiliates Selling For You

Have you thought about increasing your sales by allowing your current students to sell your course for you? Yes, that's possible inside Kajabi! You must be on the Growth or above plan before we can set this up. 

Questions to think about:

  • how much commission split would you like to provide
  • which product would you like affiliates to sell
  • will it be by invite only or can anybody sell your products
  • to what page would you like to send your affiliates' audience 


Hire Virginia by the Hour >> where I'll set up your Kajabi site for you and also be available on stand-by to answer your questions as they arise (time is good for a full year)

Schedule a Zoom >> to receive help one-on-one with your website, automations, and funnels

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Kajabi FAQ

You've always said that "someday" you'll start that coaching or consulting business, but where do you begin?

The First Steps to Starting

a Successful Online Coaching or Consulting Business

It’s time to share your expertise through group coaching, a membership and/or an online course. Step-by-step, this manual will guide you.

Part 1: FAQ: How much will I make? How long until success? And more...
Part 2: Step-by-Step Build a Brand
Part 3: Step-by-Step Designing a Marketing Plan
Part 4: What is Kajabi?