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*NEW* Kajabi Creator Studio (in beta - you may or may not have access yet)

Creator Studio, though still in beta, is a way to create video clips from your existing course content to create course previews, market-ready video clips, and social media content.

To get started, you will find Creator Studio under the Marketing section of the Kajabi left navigation.

  • Create a project and pick a course video to start transcribing and analyzing for content.
  • Click on a project that has finished transcription to open Creator Studio to work on your Script.
  • Click on a sentence to highlight the parts of the video you want to use for your video clip.
  • When you’re ready, click Generate clip and Creator Studio will start building your video clip for you to use in your marketing, minicourses and more.
  • Safely work on other things while your clip is generating, including making your next video clip in the same project.
  • Finally, share your clips to Facebook and Instagram using the built in integration.