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The 10 Stages of
an Online Course or Coaching Program

Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

Stage 1: the Personal Coach

You're an expert in your field and have created processes or frameworks to make it easier for others to replicate success. 

  • You've been coaching one-on-one and understand that your time in a day is limited.
  • You're ready to expand your reach through an online course or group coaching program.
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Stage 2: the List Builder

You're expanding into a new target market so need to start an email list from scratch or build on your current email list.

  • You have an idea for a lead magnet (free video, audio or PDF) to offer in exchange for website visitor emails.
  • You're ready to write a short series of emails that introduces you, your values, and the services you provide once someone opts into receiving your free offer.
  • Your website offers an About Page with origin story, Services Page describing your offers,  Contact Page, and Home Page to describe your niche.
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Opt-in Freebie & Email Sequence
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Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor


There are three ways to bring traffic to your website. It's best to diversify and use a combination of each.

  • Paid ads: Google, Facebook, YouTube; could be as little as $5 a day with a link to a page describing your lead magnet
  • Organic: social media posts and videos including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok that talk about or link back to your lead magnet
  • Borrowed: being a guest on podcasts, guest blogging, speaking on stage, or YouTube collaborations in which you explain the transformation your lead magnet (not your paid program) provides and entices the audience to feel they "need" to have it

At this time, paid ad and social media strategy are outside my specialty. A social media manager or marketing manager may be your next hire, but only once you've nailed down your copy.

Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor
Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

Stage 3: the Content Creator

Your lead magnet and introductory email sequence is automated. You're now ready to bring a steady stream of visitors interested in your niche to your website opt-in page.

  • You're ready to set up a system to bring in website traffic via organic methods (slow and steady) and/or paid ads (the fast track). A combination of both is ideal.
  • Organic traffic is obtained using social media, website SEO, and adhering to a regular content posting schedule (weekly blog, YouTube show, or podcast). Website success can be tracked using Kajabi analytics.
  • Paid Google, Facebook or YouTube ads can fast track your success when hiring an expert to help. (FYI, this is a service I do not offer.)
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Stage 4: the Course or Program Creator

You've built a consistent method of gaining regular website traffic. Your audience is asking about your paid offers.

  • You're ready to design an outline and begin filming your process or framework along with accompanying visual handouts.
  • There is a clear path the student or client will take to move from point A to point B and each lesson moves them one small step closer.
  • You have a clear promise of the transformation you plan to give those who complete your program or course.
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Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor
Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

Stage 5: the Irresistible Offer Creator

Your online course or coaching product is uploaded along with accompanying PDFs. The student view has been tested and it's ready for market.

  • You're ready to design your irresistible offer to include the course or program promise, price, any payment plan, refund policy, and who it's for or not for. 
  • Adding bonuses of additional videos or handouts can really increase the value of your offer. If isn't directly on the path of moving them from point A to point B, it's suggested to offer it as a bonus. 
  • You're ready to begin the process of sketching out sales page copy. Your sales page can live either on your current website or on Kajabi.
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Stage 6: the Launch Planner

Your offer, sales page, and checkout pages are ready. Finally, you can begin sharing and talking about the course.

  • You're ready to design a calendar of launch tasks to include social media posting, paid ads, special content release; and planning of live or pre-recorded webinar, video series, or challenge as a method of selling. 
  • You're designing an onboarding program for new members to show them how to navigate the program, update their profile, and manage any membership subscription.
  • You're ready to write an email sequence (or start a private group) to welcome new members into the program and encourage them along the way.
Launch Debrief Checklist
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Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor
Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

Stage 7: the Beta Launcher

Your course or program is underway! You're already seeing student success.

  • You're in service mode, ready to make this first experience the best possible while learning what could be improved for the next launch.
  • You are keeping a daily journal or every small task performed during the pre-launch and open cart periods, already blooming with ideas on what to do next time.
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Stage 8: the Launch Debriefer

Your launch and any live aspects of your  program are complete. Your first set of students have seen a transformation.

  • You're ready to collect testimonials that will be used as social proof on the sales page and in social media.
  • You're now looking back on that launch and recording any key metrics, listing what went well and what could be improved for next time.
  • You're ready to begin planning the subsequent launch with these improvements.
Launch Debrief Checklist
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Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor
Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

Stage 9: the Professional Launcher

You've gained success over several launches and learned so much. You now realize it's more than designing a great course that creates success.

  • You're ready to take the course or program to evergreen with possibly continuing the group coaching component.
  • This is the time to hone your website messaging and email sequencing that lead up to the sales pitch. Many coaches and course creators think it's their web design that needs the most help, but truly it's finely tuned targeted messaging that brings sales.
  • You continue to create regular weekly content to attract an organic audience along with paid ads. You are sending weekly emails alerting your list of the latest content and encouraging sharing with others.
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Stage 10: the Thought Leader

Your message is dialed in. You have a clear roadmap to success and are ready to scale by attracting even more customers and improving conversions.

You've hired a team to help scale so you can work solely on content and product creation.

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Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor