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 Where are you in this ROADMAP
of the Online Coach/Course Creator? 



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Are you ready to share your life knowledge and experience by coaching others
through an online course or coaching program, but don't know where to start?


Since 2019, I've been helping folks all across the globe step into the role of thought leader,
helping them achieve their goal of setting up an online platform to share their programs. 

If you're reading this now, it's because you know you're capable of launching your own online program.

You also know that you need a little execution guidance and I'm here for you!

I've helped hundreds of folks in every niche possible live out their dream of designing a way to reach more of their audience beyond 1:1 services either to replace their current income or design a passive retirement income.

With a little help, you will not only house your program on the Kajabi platform,
but also learn how to use automations and upsells to increase sales and profit. 

Turn Your Knowledge & Experience into Income!

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My specialty is in website audits where I'll go in and offer insights on how to increase sales, improve your customer journey, add automations, and provide cohesive branding throughout your website and products.

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What Happens After the Opt-in?

A lead has landed on your opt-in page and grabbed the free PDF. Now what?

Most coaches and consultants stop here. They stop at just the one email because they're not sure how to go about writing follow-up emails!

But you're not a typical coach. You're willing to go further than most.

You're about to find out the secret that turns leads into sales.

Yes, I Need More Sales!


Still on the fence on whether Kajabi is a good fit for your business?
You're right to do your research! It's not a fit for EVERY business. 

Free Consult, is Kajabi a good fit for you?

Commonly Misunderstood
Digital Marketing Terms

ClickFunnels is actually a software popularized by Russell Brunson. A funnel is the journey a lead entering your world goes through to become a customer. For example, a customer enters their name and email to receive your free PDF. They have now entered your funnel.

Absolutely any page that is hyperlinked from your home page is actually a landing page. It could be a sales page or it could be an opt-in page that describes your freebie PDF. It is preferred to actually state WHAT your page is meant to do (such as a sales page or opt-in page) rather than calling it a landing page.

A Kajabi product is the actual ITEM you have for sale such as a course or coaching session. An offer could be one product or a bundle of products. For example, you could have an offer of a coaching program and a course bundled together for one price. It is one offer with two products.

Truth: It is never just one page that needs to be created in Kajabi. If you require an opt-in page, you'll also need to create an opt-in form, a thank you for your opting in page, and a "here's your free PDF" email. If you require a sales page, you'll also need to create an offer, checkout page, thank you for your purchase page, and thank you for your purchase email. Again, one page is not going to make a complete funnel.

Truth: SEO takes time and cannot be created by building a website. What boosts your ability to rank in Google is by blogging or adding podcast or YouTube scripts to your site. Blog posts and transcripts add words to your website. The more words you have, the more Google has to work with for suggesting your website as the answer to a keyword search. 

Truth: You know your audience better than anyone therefore are the best person to write your sales page. You likely know your audiences' pain points and struggles and can list the mistakes they're currently making that aren't getting them the results they want. Putting the exact words your audience uses on the sales page is what makes it high converting. Paying a copywriter $$$ is likely going to lead to disappointment. Instead, listening to your audience and translating it to a sales page that the reader relates with will bring you sales.

Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor
"Virginia was a pleasure to work with. Very personable, patient and talented. She is very responsive and quick to catch on to what I was wanted my site to look like. We got a lot accomplished in a very short period of time. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Virginia is AMAZING!" - Sherill Moses of Minkeeblue

"Working with Virginia was a stellar experience. She is super fast, technically savvy, and very pleasant and professional. I highly recommend." - Suzanne of P31 Group

"Virginia provided so much valuable information. She's a true Kajabi expert!" - Annie of Collaborating Docs

"Virginia was a wonderful person to work with. She listened to my feedback and adjusted my website design to reflect what I wanted. She was honest and very attentive to my project. I enjoyed working with her very much!" - Harmony Slater Yoga

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Stop Brainstorming New Sales Mechanisms...

What's needed to bring in more sales is not designing a new method of selling your program.


Use what you already have in place. 


It's time to write email sales sequences on the back of the freebie funnel you've already designed. 


What if writing an email sequence was easy...

Once you've written the email sequences, they're done. Sure you can go back and improve them over time, but you've set the foundation for a sales funnel.

Imagine the satisfaction of a complete sales funnel!

Your business would be at a whole new level.


You may be avoiding those emails because...

You may think you're not a good writer.

You may have even considered hiring someone (or Chat GPT) to write those emails for you. 


The truth is that YOU know your audience better than anyone. 

YOU are the best person to write email sequences that connect with your audience.

You've already created an entire program that will greatly improve your target market's life. The next step is to show them just how much their life will change once they've implemented what you're teaching inside the program.

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Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor

"If you're thinking about building a Kajabi anything, stop. Don't go at it alone. Set up consulting time with Virginia BEFORE you pull all your hair out, chew off your nails, and spend weeks of time you can never get back. Your time is worth too much to try building a Kajabi course from scratch alone, even if you've built websites since 2004. Just set aside a minimum of 3 hours with Virginia in the beginning...or you'll spend 40 hours on YouTube trying to do it on your own. With Virginia, you get your investment back, she gives you your sanity back. God bless you, Virginia Stockwell!"


Latest Kajabi Updates..., Personal ChatBot

Add a Chatbot to your site to offer a lead magnet, act as an Course Assistant, or customer service agent. 

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Your sales page will now allow pop-up payment. Don't have a sales page - check out this template.

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting & Running an Online Coaching or Consulting Business

  • How much is this business going to cost me?
  • How do I know if I'm expert enough?
  • What's the difference between a Coach & Consultant?
  • What does a typical day look like?
  • How much can I make and how long until I reach success?
  • What reasons would my business fail?
  • How will I get paying clients?
  • How can I fast track my success?
  • What should I create first - membership, online course, or group coaching?
Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor