Yes, I'm the Mon-Fri Kajabi Expert 
you can count on to answer your
"how do I do this" questions quickly. 

 helping coaches & consultants DIY their websites with screen share tutorials and "just get it done" services 

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Are you ready to share your life knowledge and experience by coaching others
through an online course or coaching program, but don't know where to start?


Since 2019, I've been helping folks all across the globe step into the role of thought leader,
helping them achieve their goal of setting up an online platform to share their programs. 

If you're reading this now, it's because you know you're capable of launching your own online program.

You also know that you need a little execution guidance and I'm here for you!

I've helped hundreds of folks in every niche possible live out their dream of designing a way to reach more of their audience beyond 1:1 services either to replace their current income or design a passive retirement income.

With a little help, you will not only house your program on the Kajabi platform,
but also learn how to use automations and upsells to increase sales and profit. 

Turn Your Knowledge & Experience into Income!


Still on the fence on whether Kajabi is a good fit for your business?
You're right to do your research! It's not a fit for EVERY business. 

Free Consult, is Kajabi a good fit for you?
Virginia Stockwell, Kajabi tutor
"Virginia was a pleasure to work with. Very personable, patient and talented. She is very responsive and quick to catch on to what I was wanted my site to look like. We got a lot accomplished in a very short period of time. I am extremely happy with the outcome. Virginia is AMAZING!" - Sherill Moses of Minkeeblue

"Working with Virginia was a stellar experience. She is super fast, technically savvy, and very pleasant and professional. I highly recommend." - Suzanne of P31 Group

"Virginia provided so much valuable information. She's a true Kajabi expert!" - Annie of Collaborating Docs

"Virginia was a wonderful person to work with. She listened to my feedback and adjusted my website design to reflect what I wanted. She was honest and very attentive to my project. I enjoyed working with her very much!" - Harmony Slater Yoga

Why Kajabi

What makes so Kajabi great is that it's All-In-One Platform

  • Create website pages (optionally replace your current site)
  • House your email contacts (replace MailChimp or other service provider)
  • Design a course or coaching program behind a pay wall
  • Offer group or 1:1 coaching sessions right inside Kajabi
  • Make coaching session recordings available for replay behind a login wall
  • Community form includes online Meetups, Challenges, Feed & more
  • Automate opt-in, purchase and onboarding email sequences
  • Collect payments using credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, After Pay or PayPal
  • Craft offers of full pay, payment plan, subscription, or "pay what you can"
  • Segment email contacts based on filling out forms or clicking on links
  • Set up webinar funnels, live workshops, open/cart cart, and more

Often Asked Kajabi Questions...

30-day free Kajabi trial
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30-day free Kajabi trial

"If you're thinking about building a Kajabi anything, stop. Don't go at it alone. Set up consulting time with Virginia BEFORE you pull all your hair out, chew off your nails, and spend weeks of time you can never get back. Your time is worth too much to try building a Kajabi course from scratch alone, even if you've built websites since 2004. Just set aside a minimum of 3 hours with Virginia in the beginning...or you'll spend 40 hours on YouTube trying to do it on your own. With Virginia, you get your investment back, she gives you your sanity back. God bless you, Virginia Stockwell!"


How to Start & Run a
Successful Online Coaching or Consulting Business 

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Hire Virginia for Kajabi Help

I'm at my desk full-time Mon thru Fri as your Kajabi helper so am usually available same day or next day to take care of what you need completed
Mon to Fri 9 to 4 Central time zone Austin, Texas 
2024 Not at My Desk: Mon May 27, Mon Sept 2, Th Nov 28,
Fri Nov 29, Tu Dec 24, Wed Dec 25, Th Dec 26

Can't figure out which you need? Zooms are for live discussions and tutorials.
"Do it for Me" is for website work via email discussion.
Yes, you can also purchase a combo of both as needed.

Tutor via Zoom

Starting at $125

Free Consult 

Yes, a 15-min free consult is available to see if we're a good fit or discuss if Kajabi is a good fit for your business.

When you're going crazy trying to learn the platform on your own, I'll jump in and we'll work on it together. 

30, 60, or 120-minute Zoom options are available depending on how much you'd like to accomplish in one sitting.

Yes, you can bring an Assistant/Partner and yes, you can record the Zoom.

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Website Audit



You've watched all the how-to Kajabi videos possible and have gone as far as you can in building your site. 

You're now ready for a second opinion on what could be improved for the user experience and if your automations could be streamlined.

I'll review your customer journey, suggest improvements for increased sales, and ensure all your automations are hooked up properly.

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"Do It for Me"

Starting at $250

Email Support

You're looking for someone to be on email standby & do all the Kajabi tech stuff for you, available M-F 9am-4pm Central Time. 

Your email questions and Kajabi fixes big or small will be completed in a timely manner. Or, you're trying to DIY and want someone on standby to answer your "how do I do this" questions quickly.

You're in control of your budget based on the amount of time purchased. No hurry to use it up all at once since time is good for a full year.

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Kajabi Hidden Features

Coaching Package

Design a seamless and effective customer roadmap with optimized systems, efficiency and automations to manage a personalized and impactful journey for each customer.

Sure, you can email me every time you have an idea that needs implementing, but receiving 1:1 tutoring for Kajabi features you've been missing will SET OFF DOZENS OF LIGHTBULBS of new ideas for sales opportunities.

When you want to gain the full benefit of everything the robust Kajabi platform has to offer as it applies specifically to your online program, this is the answer you've been looking for.

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