Set Up a Sales Funnel in 1 Day.


 A Sales Funnel has one of two goals: 

#1 Bring in New Leads: Pull followers off a social media platform and onto your email list so you can market to them directly.

Funnel examples would be offering a PDF freebie, mini course, webinar, free chapter from your book, or 5-day challenge in exchange for the lead filling out a form with their name and email.

#2 Turn Leads into Customers: Move a small or large list of email subscribers from interest to actually purchasing your program. You have grown your email list using one of the above techniques. Next, you'll design a sales funnel that highlights the benefits of your program and moves the lead into the desire to purchase your program.

Funnel examples would be a live webinar, open/close cart email sequence, early bird access, customer loyalty discount, or a survey funnel.


👉The 3 Pillars: To gain more sales, you must have three items in place:

  • Validated Offer: a product or service that your audience wants and needs
  • Engaging Content: that drives new leads to your profile/website daily
  • Sales Funnel: a call to action that moves a lead from aware to purchase (actionable first step could be to schedule a consult, receive a freebie, or join a free trial).


Why Can't I Just Use the Funnels inside the Kajabi Templates?

You probably started your website by creating a sales funnel through one of Kajabi's templates ...but do you even know how it works?!


👉👉The #1 Most Common Reason 

I'm hired as a Kajabi Expert is to set up a sales funnel that was attempted to be designed through Kajabi's templates.


Bottom line is that setting up a funnel using Kajabi's templates if not easy.

So... I've simplified it for you.

What if setting up a sales funnel and writing email sequences were easy ...


With step-by-step instructions, visual maps, how-to videos, and the help of copy prompts, you're going to be able to easily design various sales funnels and write email sales sequences that prove YOU'RE THE AUTHORITY on this subject matter.

Once you understand the landing pages needed and how to connect them along with the number of emails needed, how to space the emails apart, and elements of what to include in each email, it will all flow easily.

With great sales funnels, your audience will easily see the value of your services and WANT to work with you

WHY Would I Need Sales Funnels?

You may think that your leads will naturally go to your sales page on their own, but the truth is that if you don't guide them there, they won't even know your sales page exists!



When first learning about you, a lead may peruse your website...but they're just getting to know you and aren't quite ready to purchase your program. Weeks or months later, they will not just naturally go back to your sales page to learn about your program unless you remind them that the page exists.

That's where an a sales funnel comes in.




The Library of Kajabi Sales Funnel How-to



everything you need

to build sales funnels


What's in the Library

This is a brand new offer that is growing with content weekly.

Funnel Step-by-Step

  • Opt-in Freebie Funnel
  • Welcome Email Sequence
  • Weekly Email Broadcasts
  • Evergreen Webinar Funnel
  • Book Funnel
  • Live Webinar Funnel
  • more coming soon

each funnel includes graphic maps, Kajabi video tutorials for building pages and connecting email sequences, plus cut and paste email copy prompts

Email Copy Prompts

  • when to send
  • how many to send
  • what cadence
  • purpose of the email sequences
  • email copy prompts
  • funnel visual maps
  • step-by-step video tutorials

Q&A Forum

  • Ask Questions, Get Answers
  • Share what else you'd like to see in the template library that would help propel your business

content for the library is created based on your feedback and requests

BONUS: Copywriting Gold


Actionable inspiration for getting more creative in your marketing copy for sales pages, emails and general website pages

 visual graphics and examples of great copywriting in action that's guaranteed to inspire

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Move Your Business from an Email List that isn't buying...


to an email list that "all of a sudden" is purchasing your program...


Your business is going to MAKE MORE MONEY.

Your email list is going to BE MORE ENGAGED WITH YOU.


You Need the Library of Kajabi Sales Funnel How-to


Knowing that the industry average is that 1 in 10 people from your email list will ever purchase,
you now know that you need 100 people on your email list for 10 to purchase.


What are you doing with the other 90 people who aren't purchasing?
Build a sales funnel just for them and watch your business change.
$49 Monthly Library Access
cancel anytime
$297 Annual Library Access
save big with this choice

This founding member price is available for a limited time. Your price will never go up as long as you maintain your subscription.